!!! GIVEAWAY !!!

  At THE DARK SIRE we have a mission to both our authors and our readers.  We provide a stage that highlights the taboo.  These are creative works that, because of their subject content, have trouble finding a publisher.  We help authors regain their creative freedoms – giving a voice to the voiceless – whileContinue reading “!!! GIVEAWAY !!!”

Gothic Style Christmas

“Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, Please put a penny in the old man’s hat…”  Too cheery?  Maybe that isn’t your sort of thing.  Maybe you would like something darker… a little Gothic Christmas.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Gothic Santa Claus, Christmas Tree and all the darker decorations that go with it. Continue reading “Gothic Style Christmas”

Rose: A Review

Rose, a fantasy-horror novel by Rami Ungar, is the story of Rose Taggert, a 21-year-old grad who awakens in a greenhouse as a human/plant hybrid.


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