Submissions Open: The Jon Meyers Gothic Prize

The Jon Meyers Dark Humour Prize for Gothic Literature
(a.k.a. The Jon Meyers Gothic Prize)

This contest specifically centers on traditional Gothic stories that use dark humour. Humour, in this sense, comes from the 18th and 19th centuries when Gothic authors crafted literary works by using aspects of the comedic fool and, in greater extent, the art of wit. It is the latter that will be emphasized in the works submitted for the Jon Meyers Gothic Prize.

The Jon Meyers Dark Humour Prize for Gothic Literature is officially open for submissions throughout September. Winners will be announced in October – just in time for Halloween and The Dark Sire’s 2nd Anniversary celebration.

1st place – $60
2nd place – $25
3rd place – $15

All three winners will be published in The Dark Forest, TDS’ blog.
1st and 2nd place winners will be eligible for HWA membership (

      adult short fiction (500-7k words)
      poetry (1-3 pages)
      short screenplays (5-12 pages)

Works must use dark humour and Gothic storytelling devices/elements and can include monsters, creepy crawlers, werewolves, vampires, supernatural phenomenon, ghosts, and castles. (No witches, sci-fi, or cosmic/weird horror!)

Those who wish to delve deeper into what dark humour in Gothic literature is can read Amanda Drake’s 2011 dissertation for University of Nebraska – Lincoln, which was the inspiration for this contest:

Send your story in .doc/.docx format as an attachment to:


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