The Creative Nook with Dee Espinoza

Dee Espinoza has been a beloved part of the Dark Sire family from day one, her photography appearing in both issues 1 and 2. The following issues 4 and 5 introduced us to her writing, works such as the poignant and compelling poem Come Back. Most recently, she has entertained us with a new work of photography, a spooky image of a descending cave wall titled Depths, suggesting all kinds of haunting possibilities for the observer’s imagination. It was a great pleasure chatting with Dee and learning more about this amazing and versatile artist.

TDS: Tell us a little about your background, Dee. When did you get into photography and writing? Was there an aha! Moment, or was it a gradual progression over time?

Dee Espinoza: Hello Allen. I am currently working in Behavioral Health and taking classes to further my career in Alcohol and Drug Prevention (counseling). I have four grown children and five grandbabies.   I have been with TDS since issue 1. During the first TDS awards ceremony, my photo titled Guardian won the reader’s choice award. My poem Come Back won in the poetry category during the second annual ceremony. I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. My sister took a photography class many years ago, and I was amazed by her work, so I asked if she could teach me. This began my passion for photography. I started with a primary point and shoot or my phone. I stepped outside my comfort zone and entered a few photos into our local county fair one year. I was shocked; I was getting blue ribbons. The following year, I submitted again and won best in show and division. I was thrilled. I have upgraded to a more professional camera but haven’t taken many photos since covid. I’ll find my groove and get back to it.

TDS: Tell us about your creative process when it comes to writing poetry or attaining that perfect photo. Are there certain things you do every time when you approach a new project, or is it a different experience for you depending on the needs of a project?

Dee Espinoza:  I honestly do not have a specific creative process when it comes to my photos. I shoot whatever catches my eye or things the “average” person wouldn’t think to shoot.  I am incredibly partial to black n’ white. I feel it adds more drama and depth to the photos. Also, it’s intriguing and gives the viewer more options for imagination. For instance, my recent photo feature is titled Depths. However, it could be a staircase to a dungeon, a vampire’s lair, or it could be a portal to another world. It’s all in what the viewer sees.

TDS: What’s the best advice you’ve received about writing and photography?

Dee Espinoza: Just breathe and remember the best writers write what they know, and it’s not the camera that takes the perfect photo. It’s the person behind the camera.

TDS: This question’s just for fun: Anything spooky hiding under the bed or in the closet?

Dee Espinoza: Actually, lo, they don’t hide. I’ve been able to see spirits since I was very young. I wasn’t aware of my gifts until adulthood. Now, I embrace it and go with the flow. One resides in my apartment, and I’ve had to chat with him about letting me sleep and stop knocking stuff over. He likes to sit on my bed, pull covers, and say my name.  I have a few stories I could tell, but we will save those for another time.

TDS: What other interests and hobbies do you enjoy?

Dee Espinoza: Besides my passion for photography, I love to write and hike and am an abstract artist. I am currently very much into book folding and creating art pieces out of paper. My living room has become my gallery, and my dining room serves as my art studio.

TDS: What else can we look forward to from you in the future? Would you like to give us a teaser?

Dee Espinoza: Unfortunately, I don’t have any teasers for you, but I am working on part three of Self-destruction and Come Back  (the funeral scene) and a few different psychologically-inspired pieces. Maybe I’ll write something on my paranormal adventures.

Photographer Dee Espinoza is currently located in California. She is addicted to creating intriguing images that allow viewers to let their imaginations run wild. Dee is a self-taught photographer who uses natural lighting and inspiring places to capture those awe-inspiring images.  Black and white photography is her passion. She loves to keep it simple, accurate, and honest.. along with her photography Dee is an abstract artist and writer. She won the TDS  reader’s choice award for her photo titled “The Guardian,” which can be seen in issue four and recently won the poetry award for her poem titled Come Back. You can connect with Dee on Instagram (dee.espinoza.5).

TDS is always seeking talented creatives to uplift and promote. If you craft fiction, poetry, art, or screenplays in the subgenres of gothic, horror, fantasy, or psychological realism, don’t hesitate to SUBMIT to us.

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