The Creative Nook with Sue M. Swank

THE DARK SIRE has paired up with Sue M. Swank, psychic medium and screenwriter, to bring you more fascinating stories in the Reality Meets Fiction series. Reality Meets Fiction started last year, with Barry Pirro sharing his ghost hunting and paranormal experiences with us. Now, Sue will join that tradition by sharing her psychic stories. The first story, Doom and Gloom, will appear on Friday, July 1, with subsequent stories released on the 1st of each month. We sat down with Sue to discuss her psychic gifts and thought this interview would be a good way to introduce you to the woman behind the real-life stories.

TDS: Hi, Sue! Tell us a little about your psychic gift. For instance, when did you discover you were psychic?

Sue M. Swank: I always knew I was different. I first realized my gifts when I moved into my childhood home in Richmond, Virginia. I was seven years old at the time.

While the movers and my mom were trying to sort the furniture, I repeatedly saw the body of a dead woman and her blood all over. Later, at night, the woman returned and revealed to me about how she passed, her kids, and where to find the kids’ toys in the attic.

TDS: Wow. I couldn’t imagine seeing all of that at such an early age. Did you learn anything else from the woman? Anything that might help her?

Sue M. Swank: Several months later, the husband of the dead woman came for dinner. I knew he orchestrated her death and I confronted him with this knowledge.

TDS: You can’t stop there! What did you do? What happened?

Sue M. Swank: As years went on, the woman continued to appear to me and revealed where to find newspaper articles about her death and her husband’s dirty deals. I received the last communication with this woman at the age of 18, confirming that her husband died of a heart attack on his boat in Florida.

TDS: Ah, case closed, I take it. Is this when your psychic career began?

Sue M. Swank: Yes. Since then, I’ve committed to giving sessions: tarot, psychic, and mediumship.

TDS: That’s fascinating – and reality! And speaking of reality, this series is called Reality Meets Fiction. So, do you mind telling us what attracted you to collaborate with The Dark Sire Literary Journal and what Reality Meets Fiction means to you? 

Sue M. Swank: I’ve known Bre for some time now on social media, and when she posted about submitting non-fiction to the magazine, I messaged her. And, to me, Reality Meets Fiction is when something so unexpected and seemingly “unreal” happens in real life and in person.

TDS: I definitely agree with the “unreal” happening in reality. And that brings up my next question: How do the movies (and TV) get psychic abilities right and/or wrong?

Sue M. Swank: Sometimes, the movies are accurate, but they are usually wrong when they claim that psychics know everything about what they see and feel. For example, I only see parts of an event, not the whole thing. Once I saw a man bleeding from his stomach but had no idea what happened or who the man was. Another thing that movies get wrong is that psychics use all of their senses when they are having a vision. Personally, I can smell, see, and hear events. When I saw the vision of the bleeding man, I could taste the blood and smell metal every time I closed my eyes. Oh, and my ears and eyes exploded. The whole experience is an ordeal, one that you don’t expect, can’t control, and don’t always understand.

TDS: That sounds like a lot to happen all at once. The story about the man, will you be sharing it with us through Reality Meets Fiction?

Sue M. Swank: As a matter-of-fact, it is. Bre asked me to include it.

TDS: Great! I can’t wait to read it. Before I forget, do you still receive visits rom spirits, like you did when you were a kid? If so, what are their usual motivations for appearing to you?

Sue M. Swank: Yes, I do – quite often, actually. In most cases, the spirits want to relay messages to others.

TDS: Oh, that’s cool. I thought they might have stopped when you were 18, but it was actually the start of many more visitors. Do you feel that others you meet are receptive to the spiritual world and psychic phenomena around us? Is it something you believe anyone can develop in themselves, or is it just for those special few?

Sue M. Swank: To answer your first question, mainly yes, people have been receptive to my abilities. Though, there have been a few that asked for my services and then later said I was going to hell. And to answer the second question, I truly believe that all of us are psychic on some level, but mediums are born with the gift, as well. I don’t feel it is something that can be learned… discovered later in life, yes… but not learned.

TDS: Thank you for the opportunity to chat with you. One last question: How do you think the real experiences you’ve encountered can inspire writers, artists, and photographers? Have any of your experiences inspired your screenplay work?

Sue M. Swank: Good questions! Reality overall, whether it’s the news media, social media, neighbors, can or should inspire writers. I hope my work can spark the imaginations of writers to create stories that will entertain readers. For my own work, I actually wrote my first self-published book, Through Jade’s Eyes, which I also wrote as a 5-season TV episodic series, with many of Jade’s experiences coming from my own psychic mediumship experiences.

We look forward to hearing Sue’s stories unfold in explicit detail. Don’t forget, her first article titled “Gloom and Doom” will be released on July 1 at 11 AM (EST). Then join us again every 1st of the month for more fun-filled eeriness.

Those inspired to create gothic, horror, fantasy, or psychological realism short stories, poems, and art should consider submitting their work to THE DARK SIRE for publication. Works based on the “Reality Meets Fiction” series will be given special consideration.

If you have any questions for Sue, or would like to talk about your own psychic interactions, please leave a comment below. And, if you’d like to connect with Sue, visit her on Twitter (@sueswank) and Facebook (Sue M. Swank).

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