The Creative Nook with Zachary Toombs

We give a warm welcome to author Zachary Toombs. If you missed his most recent contribution, titled Oil and Fire and Flesh, you can find it in The Dark Forest. Do yourself a favor and go read it now. This is a wonderfully dark and disturbing tale sure to give you goosebumps. It’s the type of story that lingers with you like a ghostly companion long after you’ve read it, continuing to haunt your thoughts. It’s a story about a chef named Ian who is driven by a strangely possessive urge. An emptiness engulfs his life, and only three elements can fulfill it: oil and fire and flesh. We loved Zachary’s honesty and willingness to take this story to the dark place it wanted to go. I had the chance to chat with Zachary. He told me about what inspires him, the writing process, and his thoughts on the evolution of the horror genre in years to come. Do yourself another favor. Sit back, relax, and enjoy reading my conversation with this amazing author.

TDS: Hi, Zachary. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. Give us a bit of background about yourself. What inspired you to become a writer? Was there an aha moment? Or was it something that gradually developed?

Zachary Toombs: As I’m answering this first question, here, I just turned twenty-one a couple days ago, which means that approximately twenty-one years ago I was born in a little, hard-to-pronounce town in upstate New York. Throughout those twenty-one years, I had an affinity for imaginary things that came from my reality. Though, they always had a dark or fantastical tinge to them. Regardless, there was never any other option than to become a creative person for my profession, a dream I’m currently pursuing after getting my creative writing bachelor’s degree.

TDS: What does it take to write a good work of horror/gothic fiction?

Zachary Toombs: I definitely don’t have all the answers here, but there are some things I do while approaching the concept of a horror narrative. I always try to remember the importance of character, and emphasize each and every detail to build toward the overarching theme I am trying to convey. Whenever I think of horror stories that have stuck with me, I think immediately of a single character whose behavior, demeanor, or dialogue is terrifying.

TDS: Tell us a bit about your creative process. Are there consistent routines you follow each time?

Zachary Toombs: I believe you’ve coincidentally answered this one yourself. I always try to emphasize consistency in my process. Sitting down and writing one thousand words of something each day can accomplish wonders. Even if the idea you have in your head is, according to you, “not good” or “crap,” getting it on the page is the important thing. The amount of stories that I have begun as one thing and transformed into something entirely different along the way is extraordinary and can be owed to this process. Also, I like to write with music on in the background—typically atmospheric black metal or long, unwinding pieces of electronic music.

TDS: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about writing?

Zachary Toombs: I had a professor a while back who used to discuss the importance of “always writing.” This doesn’t mean sitting down at your computer for twenty-four hours each day and cranking out page after page—this simply means observing. Cast the lens of your creative eye over everything. If you are not at your desk, don’t scroll on Twitter or Instagram. Have a book in your hands and build that creative library of influences. Carry around a small notebook and scrawl little ideas and words and doodles in there.

TDS: Where do you see the horror/gothic genre in the next five to ten years?

Zachary Toombs: I’m not sure if I can predict the exact architecture of the scene in that time frame; I can only hope for what it will be. And to me, my hopes for the scene are in the upheaval of its stigma. This applies to all of the media/artwork that comes out of the scene. Many people classify the work as that of edgy people or those trying to be provocative while this is simply untrue, as I’m sure you agree.

TDS: This question’s just for fun: Anything scary hiding under the bed? Any skeletons in the closet?

Zachary Toombs: I do have a pet tarantula under there, actually. Though, the closet’s empty.

TDS: What can we look forward to from you in the future? Would you like to give us a teaser?

Zachary Toombs: While my first novel, Night’s Grasp, is available on my site ( and on Amazon, there is a second one in the works of a different ilk. A third, too. While one of these is quite grounded in reality, this other one is a dream-laden journey of self-exploration.

Zachary Toombs is a writer and artist from a small town in upstate New York. His work has been published in numerous venues, including The Dark Sire, Bez & Co., Freedom Fiction, and others. His novel, Night’s Grasp, was released this past September. Want to connect with Zachary? Find him on Twitter: (@ZacharyToombs8), Instagram: (toombszachary), and his website:

TDS is always seeking talented creatives to uplift and promote. If you craft fiction, poetry, art, or screenplays in the subgenres of gothic, horror, fantasy, or psychological realism, don’t hesitate to SUBMIT to us.

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