Reality Meets Fiction: Doom and Gloom

By Sue M. Swank

Ever since I can recall, my husband and children fondly call me “Doom and Gloom.” This stems from when I would say something and it would come true.

Just now, I thought back to an incident that occurred several years ago between my husband and myself.

We were getting ready for an evening out. I was putting on my makeup while my husband was talking with me when I got slightly fuzzy headed. This is usually how my guides send me visions.

I closed my eyes and leaned against the bathroom sink, which prompted my husband to ask what was wrong. I explained that I had a glimmer of a vision and began to describe it in detail: Dark and rainy, we are parked on the side of the road and surrounded by swirling red and blue lights. Then I heard a small pop that followed with a small fire explosion.

My husband was quick to respond with, “Alright doom and gloom! Don’t go jinxing us tonight!” I simply giggled, and then proceeded to finish my makeup.

In an effort to prove me wrong, my husband rushed to check the forecast for our area and proudly told me that the weather was all clear skies with no chance of rain. I just smiled and nodded, knowing that if the vision were to be correct, it would happen as we were on the road anyhow.

As we were getting in the car, the same vision hit me once more, only harder. I glanced over at my husband, who quickly exclaimed, “Woman don’t start that doom and gloom stuff!”

Just as we got halfway across the bridge, it began to sprinkle. I giggled. My husband gave a sideways look of annoyance.

It wasn’t long after we exited the bridge, when a deputy turned his lights on, signaling us to pull over. His lights were red and blue.

“Dear just pull over!” I exclaimed. Showing more displeasure at my persistence, he pulled over to the side of the road near the only streetlight.

Once we pulled over, the streetlamp went out, leaving our car flooded with red and blue swirling lights…and me giggling.

By now it’s raining solid. My husband rolled the window down in time for the deputy to walk up and ask my husband for his driver’s license and insurance.

Flustered to no end, my husband reached over to the glove box, and in doing so, he inattentively knocked a penny into the empty cigarette lighter.

A small explosion, along with a pop, erupted suddenly, causing me to hysterically laugh, which resulted in my husband blurting out jokingly, “You bitch!”

Not understanding the situation fully, the deputy requested my husband to step outside the car, as his partner walked around to my side of the vehicle. Mind you, I was still horse-laughing at the time, which probably made both deputies think I was some kind of a lunatic and my husband a jerk.

Several moments later, he returned with a ticket, and we drove to our destination silently.

Over drinks, my husband finally spoke, and his statement initiated ANOTHER round of wild horse laughter from me.

“So let me get this straight sweetheart,” my husband said. “You see a doom and gloom vision…I ignore the vision…the vision plays out…I am placed behind a squad car as they run a check on me…and I am then given a ticket and allowed to return to the car all because you forgot to renew our tag stickers on the car.”

What could I do? I paid for the drinks and dinner that night and horse-laughed the rest of the night!

It’s always interesting in our home!

If you enjoyed this fascinating real-life story by Sue M. Swank, you won’t want to miss out on her next story, titled “Excuse Me”, which will be featured on August 1!

Those inspired to create gothic, horror, fantasy, or psychological realism short stories, poems, and art should consider submitting their work to The Dark Sire for publication. Works based on the “Reality Meets Fiction” series will be given special consideration.

If you have any questions for Sue, or would like to talk about your own psychic interactions, please leave a comment below. And, if you’d like to connect with Sue, visit her on Twitter (@sueswank) and Facebook (Sue M. Swank).


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