TDS is back with Issue 11!

TDS is back! After a year’s hiatus, Issue 11 is out! In this commemorative issue, TDS brings its readers the best in gothic and horror fiction, poetry, art, and serializations. And speaking of serializations, 3 new ones are getting ready to launch in May 2023. Previews of these new serials are included in this issue.

Issue 11 spans 119 pages of gothic and horror content, with 10 short stories, 1 poem, 4 pieces of art, and 3 serialization previews. 

Contributing creatives include: Rose Biggins, Liam Hogan, Steven Lombardi, Mary Sloat, Samir Sirk Morato, Logan McConnell, Lisa Rose, Zachary Toombs, Maureen Mancini Amaturo, Mara S. Akram, Keegan Milano, Shaun Power, Dee Espinoza, David Ray Gadon, K.E. Brown, and J.W. Klaeis.

Join the TDS Family in celebrating the new issue and their coming home again!

Get your copy of Issue 11:


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