Influences of TDS’ Founding Fathers

Since its inception, TDS has followed in the footsteps of our founding fathers: Edgar Allan Poe (Gothic), Mary Shelley (Horror), J. R. R. Tolkien (Fantasy), and Fyordor Dostoevsky (Psychological Realism). If these literary geniuses and genre pioneers influence TDS and our authors…who inspired them? “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” ― Edgar AllanContinue reading “Influences of TDS’ Founding Fathers”

TDS Turns Two: An Interview with Founder, Bre Stephens

October 31, 2019, The Dark Sire was born! To celebrate our birthday, the new EIC of TDS, J.L. Vampa, sat down for an interview with our founder, Bre Stephens. Bre has 13 years of experience as a writer, publisher, educator, literary judge, and editor. She has worked as Editor-in-Chief of a TDS and has taughtContinue reading “TDS Turns Two: An Interview with Founder, Bre Stephens”

Literature’s Effect on Halloween

Halloween has evolved over the centuries, taking on the skin of the culture around it. In some parts of Europe, All Hallow’s Eve is spent around bonfires sending fireworks up into the sky, though many have ceased celebrating anything but Guy Fawkes’ Day. In Mexico, Latin America, and Spain, Dia de los Muertos marks theContinue reading “Literature’s Effect on Halloween”

Spirit Photography: Hoax or Reality?

Spirit Photography, or the capturing of a spirit on film, first became known in the 1850’s and 60’s with the rise of photography in general. As more individuals gained access to cameras, as well as the means to sit for photographers, the greater chance there was to witness spirits of the dead or supernatural beingsContinue reading “Spirit Photography: Hoax or Reality?”

TDS Enters a New Era

With TDS’ second birthday just around the corner (Halloween), a new era of all-things THE DARK SIRE has come. With the new look and feel comes a new Editor-in-Chief. But let’s start from the beginning… If you’re new to TDS, we are a quarterly speculative journal for the unconventional reader, founded in 2019 by BreContinue reading “TDS Enters a New Era”

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