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S. M. Cook

S.M. Cook is a writer of fiction and poetry. She began writing poems at around 6 years old, with her first real exposure to poems by Shel Silverstein. Though she was influenced early on by Jack Prelutsky and Edgar Allen Poe, her current poetry is influenced by the two lines of lyrics in Dark Tower: The Gunslinger by Stephen King. Her poetry and fiction work has been published in magazines and anthologies, which includes The Dark Sire. Currently, she’s working on her debut novel, Kyuuketsuki, and is the Editor-in-Chief of Ascensions Poetry Magazine. In her spare time, she likes to read Japanese literature and poetry, as well as fantasy, gothic, and vampiric fiction.

The Story:

Shizuka, a member of the Senshin Warriors, is a vampire who seeks the Blood Ruby, a weapon that can control the human race. Her mission is to find the Ruby and return it to the vampire council, who will then lock it away from evil hands. But as she gets closer to finding the Ruby, she falls into the twisted underworld, where she must grapple with her past and the reason behind her transformation.

Kyuuketsuki first appeared in The Dark Sire from Issues 1-6 (2019-2020). It is the first book in a multi-book series.

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