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TDS Serializations

The Dark Sire is proud to present our featured serialized fiction. Our serializations range from novelette to novel length works from diverse and talented writers. On the 9th of every month, a new installment will be posted (as a chapter). The current list of serializations is below but more are coming and, when ready, will be added in the new month. Enjoy!

Vampyre Paladin by Brenda Stephens

Matthias Kade is a vampire paladin, a traveling doctor who uses his expertise to heal victims of vampire bites. He and his assistant find an underground blood ring that ensnares young children. Matthias vows to stop the vampires – but to do so, he must face his own past, fears, and demons, which force him down the same path of the fiends he so despises.

Reprint, The Dark Sire, Issues 1-4 & 7

Kyuuketsuki by S.M. Cook

Shizuka, a member of the Senshin Warriors, is a vampire who seeks the Blood Ruby, a weapon that can control the human race. Her mission is to find the Ruby and return it to the vampire council, who will then lock it away from evil hands. But as she gets closer to finding the Ruby, she falls into the twisted underworld, where she must grapple with her past and the reason behind her transformation.

Reprint, The Dark Sire, Issues 1-6

The Last Summer by Frances Tate

During a long, hot summer, a Tudor vampire meets Mercy, a girl who can manipulate his visions, see through his deceit, and overpower his mind control. He only has three options before his master’s hell breaks lose. It’s a race against the evil if he and Mercy are to survive.

Reprint, The Dark Sire, Issues 4-7

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