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Reality Meets Fiction: Excuse Me, Your Secret is Showing

by Sue M. Swank

Every once in a while I will come across someone with a dirty little secret, which they profess they are loudly and vehemently against.

A few years ago I was at a photoshoot with a young model. I am also a professional photographer. She was a lovely young woman in her early 20s with a truly stunning face, body, and a brain to match—which is always a much welcomed pleasure!

During the shoot we exchanged light conversation about news events and previous work relations with others in our fields.

The topic switched to the Miami party scene; she stood firm in her statement of never partying in the hottest south beach clubs, never drinking or smoking, and certainly never partaking in recreational drugs, because to her it was morally wrong and would greatly limit her modeling career.

As she continued her one woman crusade about how she had seen other models lose their looks and careers from enjoying the party scene, I was getting visions of her not only partying like a wild woman, but partying with a major Miami nightlife celebrity—Mr. Michael Carbone.

When her tone began to turn snooty and judgmental, I found myself annoyed at her and the constant flow of images I was receiving, including images about the precious weekend of partying at a hotspot nightclub with Mr. Carbone, along with other models.

Usually, I try to avoid mixing my psychic side with my photography side. It doesn’t always work that way though, and this time proved to be no different.

Casually, as I was touching up her makeup, I asked how Mr. Carbone was doing since she had last seen him the previous weekend. Without a second thought to ask me how I knew Mr. Carbone or about the previous weekend, she replied that he was good, but everyone was somewhat hungover after the massive club event he held. She followed up quickly by excluding herself in the mix.

After that slip of the tongue confession, she became quiet. I felt her become awkward and self-conscious, and it also started to show in the images.

I knew the shoot was over when that happened.

We called it a day and parted on polite terms.

She never contacted me again, nor asked me how I knew about that weekend.

But I know she wondered, and in all accounts probably still wonders how I knew about that weekend!

Just goes to show that people should be careful when bragging around a psychic, because that psychic has a private viewing of your secrets!

If you enjoyed this fascinating real-life story by Sue M. Swank, you won’t want to miss out on her next story, titled “Public Readings and Dirty Secrets,” which will be featured on September 1!

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