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Frances Tate
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Frances Tate is a self-published vampire writer and a self-published writer of drabbles. She lives in the North-West of England where she is working on a series of vampire books that explore the pseudo-science of vampires. When not writing either novels or one-hundred-word stories, she experiments with flash fiction and short stories. She has one (long-suffering) partner, two fish, and a transient population of wild birds and hedgehogs to feed. She enjoys curry, cinema, reading, gardening, exploring historical sites, and travelling.

The Story:

During a long, hot summer, a Tudor vampire meets Mercy, a girl who can manipulate his visions, see through his deceit, and overpower his mind control. He only has three options before his master’s hell breaks lose. It’s a race against the evil if he and Mercy are to survive.

The Last Summer first appeared in The Dark Sire from Issues 4-7 (2020-2021). It is the prequel novella for a multi-book series.

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