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Brenda (“Bre”) Stephens

Brenda (“Bre”) Stephens is a gothic, horror, and psychological realism writer who specializes in short fiction and feature-length screenplays. Her work is majorly influenced by Edgar Allan Poe and Anne Rice, which is why her work typically delves into the human psyche, societal decay, and vampires. She began writing at 6, has 13 years of professional editing experience, has been a publisher for the last 3 years, and holds an MA in English & Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. When not writing, Brenda is busy uplifting other writers, as the owner of both TDS and BSC Publishing Group. To relax, she enjoys listening to KAT-TUN, watching anime, and learning about global cultures.

The Story:

Matthias Kade is a vampire paladin, a traveling doctor who uses his expertise to heal victims of vampire bites. He and his assistant find an underground blood ring that ensnares young children. Matthias vows to stop the vampires – but to do so, he must face his own past, fears, and demons, which force him down the same path of the fiends he so despises.

Vampyre Paladin (VP) first appeared in The Dark Sire from Issues 1-4 and then in Issue 7 (2019-2020). VP is the first book in a 3-book series.

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