Featured Artist: Dee Espinoza

We give a warm return welcome to Dee Espinoza! Below is her latest feature, an eerie photo of a cave wall titled Depths. What does this image suggest to your imagination? A doomful descent into a dungeon? Is it a mysterious entrance to a monster’s lair?

Featured Extra!

This is a haunting image that was perfect for the dark tone of TDS. We had to ask Dee what inspired her to take this photo.

TDS: What was your inspiration for taking this photo? 

Dee Espinoza: I love photography, and anytime I can get a great shot I take it. This, in my opinion, is a great shot. Dark, spooky, and allows the viewer to imagine all sorts of possibilities.

TDS: What’s the story behind this photo? What led you to this place? 

Dee Espinoza: This photo was taken at Pinnacle National Park, located near Hollister. My sister and I are adventurous and love exploring new places.  

TDS:  Is there a creative process you use when preparing that perfect photo?

Dee Espinoza: I find that most of the time the most random shots tend to be the best. There is never a rhyme or reason to my photos. I just shoot what I like. I am very partial to black and white; I feel it gives the photo great  dimension.

Photographer Dee Espinoza is currently located in California. She is addicted to creating intriguing images that allow viewers to let their imaginations run wild. Dee is a self-taught photographer who uses natural lighting and inspiring places to capture those awe-inspiring images.  Black and white photography is her passion. She loves to keep it simple, accurate, and honest.. along with her photography Dee is an abstract artist and writer. She won the TDS  reader’s choice award for her photo titled The Guardian which can be seen in issue four and recently won the poetry award for her poem titled Come Back. You can connect with Dee on Instagram (dee.espinoza.5).

What do you think of Dee Espinoza’s photo? Let us know with a comment. And…you can look forward to our Creative Nook series Saturday, May 28th. We took the time for an in-depth conversation, and learned so many fascinating facts about this amazing artist.

As always, if you’d like your gothic, horror, fantasy, or psychological realism work featured, be sure to Submit.

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